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$360 per month
3:30-6:00 up to 3 days a week or 12 days monthly. With transportation from school 

$450 per month (annual committment)
3:30-6:00 Monday-Friday with  transportation from school

$510 per month (annual committment)

3:30-6:00 Monday-Friday with free transportation from school to our makerspace. Also includes Early Release Fridays for Bill Roberts only.

MindCraft Makerspace is Excited to Offer a Solution to Afterschool Programming for Kids in grades K-8 


Transportation provided for those who commit to semester or school year schedule

Semester 1(August 19-December 20, 2019) Semester 2 (January 7-May 29, 2020)

Monday through Friday, 3:00-6:00 pm               

Early release classes offered on Thursdays (MontClair) Fridays (Bill Roberts & Odyssey School).  1:15-3:30

MindCraft Kidz Afterschool is designed to provide activities to engage your engineering, tinkering, building, and budding artist in activities that support the development of 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creative problem-solving and collaboration.

Kids enrolled in this unique after-school program will have an opportunity to learn how to use the digital fabrication technologies and tools in our state-of-the art makerspace for the purpose of creating. 


Our younger students in grades K-2 will cycle through activities each day.  They will be introduced to a variety of equipment and technologies such as sewing, coding, 3D printing and have access to kid-friendly workshop tools like drills and sanders for small woodworking projects.  Our young makers will earn badges based on demonstrated skill levels and successfully completed trainings in different areas of making such as sewing, coding, CAD, and soft skills like collaboration, workshop responsibility, and safety.

Our grades 3-8 students will also work through a variety of stations to develop the types of skills that will accelerate their knowledge and abilities in 3D design/modeling, laser cutting/engraving, small woodworking equipment, sewing machines and vinyl cutters.  They will be able to develop their mastery of our makerspace equipment by earning badges for skill levels achieved and successfully completed trainings for each piece of equipment. 

Kids will also have access to skills development with computers, keyboarding, learning coding with Scratch, and Python, CAD, graphic design applications, illustration and technical software by participating in our computing lab station. 

Students will work at their own speed and create projects based on their desire or passions. 

All activities are differentiated based on grade and demonstrated skill levels.

30 minutes of supervised outdoor play (if weather permits) will be offered as well as time to complete homework assignments if needed.

Our focus is on safety, personal responsibility for workspace, collaborating effectively with others and learning how to create without risk of failure. 

Transportation from school

MindCraft offers transportation for school pickup for Bill Roberts, Isabella Bird and Westerly Creek and (Odyssey Schools for early release only)  Only those who commit to semester options  will be provided pick up from school to our facility.

Pick up will be arranged for each school and communicated to families.   


There are several price packages offered to meet the diverse needs of families;  

   To register, click on the orange label of desired package.  If you have more than

   one child, you are eligible for a 10% sibling discount.  Use the promo code 'sibling' at check-out for the 

   second or third child.  

  • Single-day per week is $40 per day or $160 per month (In order to receive transportation, you must commit to same day each week for the semester) 

  • 2-day Package-2 days per week, must be same 2 days each week for semester to receive transportation)-$280 per month

  • 3-day Bronze Package- (3 days per week, must be same 3 days each week for semester to receive transportation)-$360 per month


Annual Memberships based on DPS 175 day academic Calendar

  • Silver Package-Annual membership, Mon-Friday includes transportation from school (for the schools listed above only)-$450 per month

  • Gold Package for Bill Roberts and Odyssey School Only-Annual membership includes transportation from schools, and entry into our Friday Early Release-Full STEAM Fridays classes for the academic school year-$515 per month

10% off for siblings.  (this applies to second or third sibling only)

Families who wish to sign up for the year-round MindCraft Kidz Aftershool will be required to pay a $200 deposit to lock in their spot upon registration.

This deposit will be applied to the May tuition. If yearly commitment is broken, this deposit is not refunded.



Families will be billed at the beginning of each month.

MindCraft Makrspace does not issue refunds or makeup sessions  for days they are unable to attend for any reason, including but not limited to days the district cancels schools, religious holidays or child illness /medical appointments.

Non-contact days, spring break and holidays, inclement weather resulting in school closures are not calculated into your monthly tuition bill. 

You can opt to have a credit card or ACH withdrawal as reoccurring payment options. There will be a $25 fee applied for NSF on e-checks and late payments if credit card is declined.

Your child may be disenrolled if payment does not go through within 10 days of processing. 

Pay for the semester and receive last week free!

Early Release

Full STEAM Thursdays (Montclair School)  Full STEAM $25 (without transportation) Requesting Transportation $35

Full STEAM Fridays- (Bill Roberts & Odyssey)Full STEAM $25 (without transportation) 

Requesting Transportation-$30

MindCraft offers transportation from Montclair School on Thursdays & Bill Roberts and Odyssey to MindCraft Makerspace. 

Pay for entire semester and receive last week free!

Kids in K-2 will have fun in our problem-based Invention Station where they are given an engineering challenge and work in teams, using STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) to develop solutions to a problem, using a variety of materials, and techniques. 

Grades 3-8 wll be able to participate in weekly engineering challenges as well as our Fab Lab, where kids will receive the support needed to create to their hearts content with access to all of our equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, sewing machines, and wood working tools. All materials included in cost.

Code of Conduct

All participants in our programs are expected to:

Learn and follow all safety rules and expectations for workshop responsibilities

Respect all individuals encountered at MindCraft

Respect equipment and belongings of others

Be kind to one another

We are committed to helping kids learn at MindCraft Makerspace and will try our best to ensure all participants know and understand expectations, however, if redirection does not yield expected results, your child may be disenrolled in our program without refund of tuition paid.

FAQs & Wonderments

  • What is different about MindCraft Kidz Afterschool?                                                                                  There are no other afterschool programs in the Denver Metro area that offers such a wide variety and access to this type of technology, fabrication and manufacturing equipment.

  • How does this type of programming benefit my child?                                                                                              In this 4th Industrial Revolution and age of quickly evolving technologies, industries will hire those with strong demonstrated skill sets in creative-problem solving, critical thinking and skilled navigation of technologies and software applications.

  • My kid loves to create but is not an engineering type.  Is this program mostly for engineering types of kids?                                                                                                                                                                                            This program is for creative and curious minds that love to use their hands to make things, redesign, tinker, create, or build.

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