I am a fourth generation educator and have spent the last 22 years as a teacher, administrator and District leader. I completed my Master’s degree with the University of Colorado at Denver in Administration, Leadership and Policy where I moved on to administration in schools overseas at the American International School of Costa Rica and in Colorado School Districts. I design the Learning Adventures that truly ignite your child’s desire to learn.


I have spent my entire professional career (33+ years) working in schools as a teacher, administrator and school District leader. ‚ÄčI am committed to the success of kids, academically, socially, and emotionally. I have worked with parents for many years answering questions they may have about their child’s education and coaching them to successful navigation of school district policy and school procedures. I completed my Master’s degree with the University of Colorado at Denver in Administration, Leadership and Policy Studies.



Finding Denver's most talented makers


Alex's main area of expertise is computer programming. He has experience in backend and frontend web development, iOS app development, mobile robotics and control system design. He is part of Denver East High School's FIRST Robotics Team 1339. Alex also has some experience with computer networking, computer vision, electronics, and CAD. Alex teaches web development and computer programming at the Denver Public Library.


Hans Gaensbauer is an east high school student with interests in biotech, chemistry, and computer science. He enjoys language and science, and any engineering problem he might be working on right now. He thinks making is the most efficient way so solve problems, and that there is nothing as satisfying or rewarding as a solved problem.


James is finishing up his junior year at Northfield High School where his favorite subjects are engineering and Mandarin Chinese. He spends his free time reading Japanese manga, and building things like an aluminum forge, a CNC machine, and various engineering projects. An interesting fact about James is that he lived on three continents before he was 14 months old (Pusan, South Korea to Brooklyn, New York to Paris, France)


Hello my name is Louma. I grew up a little bit everywhere. Japan, France, England and America... Now I live in Denver and I love making! I just went to school learning woodworking, woodturning, how to use the laser cutter and engraver but I have many interests! I learned over the years how to make props for the screen, model making, ceramics, sewing, drawing, graphic design, origami and how to use CAD softwares... I love teaching what I know and learning from each other! As a team we can push the boundaries of inventing and come up with incredible ideas! 

(Industrial Design, Sewing, Vinyl Cutting, Laser Cutting)

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