I am a fourth generation educator and have spent the last 22 years as a teacher, administrator and District leader. I completed my Master’s degree with the University of Colorado at Denver in Administration, Leadership and Policy where I moved on to administration in schools overseas at the American International School of Costa Rica and in Colorado School Districts. I design the Learning Adventures that truly ignite your child’s desire to learn.


I have spent my entire professional career (33+ years) working in schools as a teacher, administrator and school District leader. ​I am committed to the success of kids, academically, socially, and emotionally. I have worked with parents for many years answering questions they may have about their child’s education and coaching them to successful navigation of school district policy and school procedures. I completed my Master’s degree with the University of Colorado at Denver in Administration, Leadership and Policy Studies.



Meet Johnny: "Toy Snake Handler Extraordinaire" and Sales Associate. He's an LA native who loves vintage and collectible toys and oddities. He knows toys and can help you find the perfect toy that

your kid will love.


Received a bachelor's degree at the University of Mississippi in Integrated Marketing Communications. She loves working with kids and fostering their creativity

Alli is our amazing after-school facilitator, camp teacher & birthday party lead teacher. 


James is studying Computer Science at Denver University. He spends his free time reading Japanese manga, and building things like an aluminum forge, a CNC machine, and various engineering projects. An interesting fact about James is that he lived on three continents before he was 14 months old (Pusan, South Korea to Brooklyn, New York to Paris, France)

James supports the workshop and is our master "Minecraft" teacher


Cecilia is a native of Colorado. She graduated from Metropolitan State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a Minor in Reading. She also has a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Colorado Denver. She retired from Denver Public Schools in 2012 after serving the district for 24 year. She enjoys doing activities with her family on the weekends and bowling with her husband during the week. ​As a lifetime teacher, Cecilia loves helping kids solve problems and bringing their passions to life.


Cecilia is a life-career educator, teaching, elementary school in Denver Public schools for over 24 years. 

She especially loves teaching science and math in a hands-on way.  She likes to spend time with her family and bowling. 

Cecilia is a lead camp/workshop teacher, and birthday party lead facilitator.


Received a bachelor's degree at Colorado State University in Mechanical Engineering and completing his Masters Degree in the same. His primary interest is in Mechatronic Engineering. " He loves working with kids in engineering and digital fabrication, especially when he sees that "aha" moment appear on their face or in their project.

Matt teachers camps and workshops with our digital fabrication equipment

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