Kids are grouped K-2 and 3-8.  We provide activities, access to tools and processes that engages your child based on demonstrated and developmental skills levels.  Safety is always our primary concern. 

Oct. 19-A Robotic Exploration-Wigglers and Wobblebots-

In this fascinating Learning Adventure kids will use a variety of materials, batteries, and motors to apply movement to their robotic constructions.  They will be introduced to electrical circuits and conductive materials to bring their creations to life.

AM-Wigglers-Kids will use household brushes to bring their wiggling bots to life

PM-Wobbllebots-Kids will learn about simple circuits to add switches, motors and batteries to their wildly wobblers.


October 22-Zombie Apocalypse

The zombies are coming! What ever will we do?  In this apocalyptic Learning Adventure kids will create fun zombies in the morning and then design and construct a trap to catch them using a variety of materials.

AM Zombie Plushy Fun

PM Zombie Traps


October 23-"Gone Batty"

There is nothing cooler than bats.  Eighteen species of bats live in Colorado.

What better way to learn about these fascinating creatures than to create fun batty crafts.


AM Why are bats important? Celebrating Bats-Flapping bat construction

PM Fun Batty Candy dispenser game


November 19, 20, 21 & 23

The Wild Ride-A Carnival STEAM Adventure

Each day will provide opportunities for kids to design, engineer and create components of a carnival culminating in the creation of an original stop motion animation movie clip.  It is recommended that students take advantage of both morning and afternoon classes for this adventure.


November 19-Carnival Design

AM Planning for a Carnival-Design and blueprints/Developing Carnival in Minecraft

"The Wild Ride" A Minecraft Carnival STEAM Adventure.

In this exciting Minecraft Learning Adventure, kids will learn what is required to design and build their very own carnival, both virtually in Minecraft and physically with the development and construction of their prototype.

PM-Developing your carnival in Minecraft/Carnival Design and blueprints

"The Wild Ride" A Minecraft Carnival STEAM Adventure.

In this exciting Minecraft Learning Adventure, kids will learn how to build a physical model of a carnival using a variety of materials and techniques-creative problem-solving,, construction and critical thinking is all a big part of this exciting learning experience.


AM Minecraft carnival-City zoning and planning-what are the components of a good carnival- how do you plan for building

PM-Construct a model of a small community carnival


November 20-Roller Coaster-Forces in Motion

AM Kids Roller Coaster Design and Engineering-Forces in Motion

PM A player will learn how to create a roller coaster that is fun and creative in Minecraft.


November 21

Stop Motion Animation

AM-Storyboard/Intro to stop motion animation/trick shoots

PM Building Lights, Camera, Action, “The Wild Ride”


January  3&4

Magnetic Mazes, & Marble Runs.

In these fun Learning Adventures kids will be immersed in the development and construction of these very popular puzzles using a variety of materials and tools. 

Jan. 3 Magnetic Mazes

AM -Exploring magnets and creating magnetic maze prototype

PM-Creating Magnetic Maze


Jan. 4 Marble Run Fun

AM-Exploring and developing Marble run prototype

PM-Creating a Marble Run


January 21 Dinosaurus

Dinosaurs are more popular than ever! Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Velociraptors are just examples of the most popular dinosaurs.  Kids in this Learning Adventure will be immersed in the land of dinosaurs and create fun hands on dinosaurus projects to remember what they learned.

AM-Fossil Digs

PM-Dinosaurus Creations

February 1- Recycled Wearable Art K-2 

Kids love wearing creations they have made.  In this Learning Adventure, kids will use a variety of recycled common household materials to craft wearable art that will be the envy of all friends.

AM-Weaving Fun

PM-Jewelry Craft


February 18-Toy Designer

In this Inventive Learning Adventure, kids will use a variety of materials and tools to create toys they can proudly take home to play with friends and family.

AM-Toy Inventions-Puzzlers

PM-Wooden Toy Construction


March 4-Lego STEAM Lab

Kids love Legos. Even with competing video and computer games, most kids still love building with bricks. In this fun LEGO STEAM activities lab, we will give children hands-on practice with science, technology, engineering, art and math – skills they can apply for years to come.

AM-Lego Art

PM-Creative Engineering with Legos


March 25-29-Mystical Mythical Creatures-Creative Studio

Kids in this magical Learning Adventure will explore the fabulous creatures found in folklore.  Many mythical creatures have supernatural powers, some good some evil.  Kids will get to learn about a variety of these amazing entities through folklore & fables and hands-on artistic exploration.


March 25-Dwarfs and Gnomes

March 26-Fairies and Sprites

March 27- Unicorns and Dragons

March 28-Elves and Goblins

March 29-Sea Serpents and Mermaids


April 29-Twirling Tops & Gyroscopes

Spintops are among the oldest toys ever discovered by archaeologists. A clay top unearthed in Iraq was dated to 35th century BC—nearly six thousand years ago.  Kids in this twisty, twirly Learning Adventure will explore the world of spintops, and gyroscopes through hands-on design and construction using a variety of materials.

AM Twirling Tops

PM Gyroscopes

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